Friday, 25 October 2013

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

On YouTube you may probably find any video you may think of. And it may also happen you need this video to be available for you anytime anywhere even when no Internet connection is available. And sometimes videos are removed from YouTube for various reasons. So if you found a perfect video and want to keep it what you need is a YouTube downloader for Mac.

There are several ways to save YouTube videos to your computer. It may be an add-on for your browser, some online service, or YouTube downloader Mac app.

Here is how to download YouTube videos Mac guide for you:

Download video from YouTube with Safari browser.

Open the page with the video in your Safari browser and play it. Press Command-Option-A to open Safari "Activity" window. You'll see the name of the video there with "youtube" ending. Find the entry of several Megabytes that is loading and option-double-click it to download it as FLV file. This is a great method, however it takes time to process video completely and unfortunately it doesn't work for Safari 6.

Download videos from YouTube with online services

Various online services promise to save videos from YouTube to your computer. Simply alter the video link and after that web browser will parse it to make it possible saving the video to your hard drive. There is a disadvantage though: lots of pop-up ads, no visualization of downloading progress, and sometimes those services just don't work for no obvious reason.

Standalone YouTube downloader Mac OS X

I'll take Airy YouTube downloader as an example. Because it's tiny, light and super easy to use. Amazing how easy it is to download videos with this Mac YouTube downloader - simply enter the link, choose format and resolution, click "Download". Airy can download MP4, WebM, FLV, and 3GP file types.

As an added bonus you can actually download MP3 files from YouTube with Airy when you don't want the video, but only the sound. For that simply choose MP3 type from drop-down list.

Airy costs $19.95, but allows first 5 downloads for free.